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Title: 20 Most Asked Questions about the Amish and Mennonites / Edition 1, Author: Merle Good
Title: Plain Buggies: Amish, Mennonite, And Brethren Horse-Drawn Transportation. People's Place Book N, Author: Stephen Scott
Title: Quilts among the Plain People, Author: Rachel T. Pellman
Title: Cooking and Memories, Author: Phyllis Pellman Good
Title: Delicious Amish Recipes: People's Place Book No. 5, Author: Phyllis Good
Title: Amish School, Author: Sara Fisher
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Title: Why Do They Dress That Way?: People's Place Book No. 7, Author: Stephen Scott
Title: Living Without Electricity: People's Place Book No. 9, Author: Stephen Scott
Title: Amish Houses & Barns, Author: Stephen Scott
Title: Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups: People's Place Book No. 12, Author: Stephen Scott
Title: The Amish Wedding and Other Special Occasions of the Old Order Communities, Author: Stephen Scott
Title: Quiet and Peaceable Life: People's Place Book No.2, Author: John  Ruth
Title: Puzzles of Amish Life: People's Place Book No. 10, Author: Donald Kraybill