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Title: Sea Kayak: A Manual for Intermediate and Advanced Sea Kayakers, Author: Gordon Brown
Title: Rough Water Handling: A Practical Manual, Essential Knowledge for Intermediate and Advanced Paddlers, Author: Doug Cooper
Title: Alpine Mountaineering: Essential Knowledge for Budding Alpinists, Author: Bruce Goodlad
Title: English White Water: The British Canoe Union Guidebook, Author: British Canoe Union Staff
Title: Northern England and Iom: 50 Great Sea Kayak Voyages, Author: Jim Krawiecki
Title: South West Sea Kayaking: Isle of Wight to the Severn Estuary, Author: Mark Rainsley
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Title: Top Tips for Coaches: Over 300 Top Tips and Handy Hints for Canoe and Kayak Coaches, Author: Plas Y Brenin Staff
Title: Canoe and Kayak Handbook, Author: British Canoe Union
Title: Scottish White Water: The Sca Guidebook, Author: Bridget Thomas
Title: Kayak Surfing, Author: Bill Mattos
Title: English Canoe Classics: Twenty-Five Great Canoe & Kayak Trips Volume 1, . North, Author: Eddie Palmer
Title: Kayak Rolling: The Black Art Demystified, Author: Loel Collins
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Title: Sea Kayak Navigation: The Black Art Demystified, Author: Franco Ferrero
Title: Scottish Sea Kayaking: Fifty Great Sea Kayak Voyages, Author: Doug Cooper
Title: Scottish Canoe Touring: An Sca Canoe and Kayak Guide, Author: Scottish Canoe Association Staff
Title: Art of Freestyle: A Manual of Freestyle Kayaking, White Water Playboating and Rodeo, Author: Eric Brymer
Title: Welsh Sea Kayaking, Author: Jim Krawiecki
Title: Canoeing, Author: Ray Goodwin
Title: Irish Canoe Classics: Thirty-Four Great Canoe & Kayak Trips. Eddie Palmer and Tony Monaghan, Author: Eddie Palmer
Title: White Water Safety and Rescue, Author: Franco Ferrero