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Title: Batman: War Games Book One, Author: Andersen Gabrych
Title: Deadpool Classic, Volume 2, Author: Joe Kelly
Title: Deadpool Classic, Volume 4, Author: Joe Kelly
Title: Batman Beyond (2016-) #4 (NOOK Comics with Zoom View), Author: Dan Jurgens
Title: Deadpool Classic, Volume 5, Author: Joe Kelly
Title: Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack SC, Author: Will Pfeifer
Title: Deadpool Classic, Volume 13: Deadpool Team-Up, Author: James Felder
Title: Wolverine Volume 2: Three Months to Die Book 2, Author: Paul Cornell
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Title: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Vol. 5, Author: Ron Marz
Title: Harley Quinn: Night and Day, Author: Karl Kesel
Title: Legion Lost Vol. 2: The Culling (The New 52), Author: Tom DeFalco
Title: Cryptocracy, Author: Van Jensen
Title: Catwoman Vol. 4: The One You Love, Author: Will Pfeifer
Title: Batman Beyond Vol. 1: Escaping the Grave (NOOK Comics with Zoom View), Author: Dan Jurgens
Title: Aquaman #14 (2011- ) (NOOK Comics with Zoom View), Author: Geoff Johns
Title: Legion Lost Vol. 1: Run From Tomorrow (The New 52), Author: Fabian Nicieza
Title: Archie Vol. 4, Author: Mark Waid
Title: Justice League of America's Vibe Vol. 1: Breach (The New 52), Author: Geoff Johns
Title: Avengers Assemble: Science Bros, Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Title: Action Comics (1938-2011) #873 (NOOK Comic with Zoom View), Author: Geoff Johns

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