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Title: Tears for Rahul Dutta, Author: Gaurav Monga
Title: Not a Lot of People Know That, Author: David Hailwood
Title: Things That Don't Exist: a Manifesto, Author: Anonymous
Title: Exiled from Main Street: the autobiography of a midwest town, Author: Anonymous
Title: Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box, Author: Annette Greenaway
Title: Dark Horse Pictures, Author: Andy Hopkins
Title: The Darkened Corner, Author: Tom  Hamilton
Title: The Pit Bull and Other Tales, Author: Tom  Hamilton
Title: Life.exe, Author: Stephen Moles
Title: The Joy of Atheism, Author: Annette Greenaway
Title: Entertainment, Author: Mr If
by Mr If
Title: The Third Person, Author: Stephanie Newell
Title: The Hole in the Wall, Author: Clare Fisher
Title: Queen of the Jews, Author: NL Herzenberg
Title: Buryin' Gran and Other Stories, Author: Frederick A. Lierman
Title: Fitting Parts, Author: Kenneth Pobo
Title: Pervert, Author: Mr If
by Mr If
Title: Sybernika, Author: Patrick Whittaker
Title: Otherwise, Author: Gregory Liffick
Title: Everything I Am: A Ragbag Novel, Author: Frank Burton

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