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Title: Growing Hardy Orchids, Author: Philip Seaton
Title: The Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species, Author: Helmut Bechtel
Title: Guide to the Flowers of Western China, Author: Christopher Grey-Wilson
Title: Orchids from the Botanical Register, 1815-1847, Author: Samuel Sprunger
Title: The Genus Pleione, Author: Phillip Cribb
Title: Genus Cymbidium, Author: David Du Puy
Title: Genus Paphiopedilum: A KEW Magaine Monograph, Author: Phillip Cribb
Title: Genus Paphiopendium, Author: Phillip Cribb
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Title: Field Guide to Ethiopian Orchids, Author: Sebsebe Demissew
Title: Forgotten Orchids of Alexandre Brum, Author: Phillip Cribb
Title: Genus Cypripedium, Author: Phillip Cribb
Title: Genera Orchidacearum Volume 5: Epidendroideae (Part II), Author: Alec M. Pridgeon
Title: Hardy Orchids: Orchids for the Garden and Frost-Free Greenhouse, Author: Phillip Cribb
Title: Hardy Cypripedium: Species, Hybrids and Cultivation, Author: Werner Frosch
Title: Slipper Orchids of Vietnam, Author: Leonid Averyanov
Title: Field Guide to the Orchids of Madagascar, Author: Phillip Cribb