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Title: Jesus and the Gods of the New Age: A Response to the Search for True Spirituality, Author: Ross Clifford
Title: The Dreyfus Affair: Honour and Politics in the Belle Epoque, Author: Martin Phillip Johnson
Title: Connected: Phillip Johnson's Sustainable Landscapes, Author: Phillip Johnson
Title: Art in Seventeenth Century New England, Author: Phillip Johnson
Title: Soulful Lenten Mass: A Catholic Mass for Sung Worship During Lent, Author: Dr. Kevin Phillip Johnson
Title: Philip Johnson/John Burgee: Architecture 1979-1985, Author: Ivan Zaknic
Title: Ambush Marketing and Brand Protection: Law and Practice, Author: Phillip Johnson
Title: Gurry on Breach of Confidence: The Protection of Confidential Information, Author: Tanya Aplin Read an excerpt of this book!
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Title: Privatised Law Reform: A History of Patent Law through Private Legislation, 1620-1907, Author: Phillip Johnson Pre-Order Now
Title: Darwin on Trial, Author: Phillip Johnson
Title: Proceso a Darwin, Author: Phillip Johnson
Title: Harmonising Copyright Law and Dealing with Dissonance, Author: Sheldon W. Halpern
Title: The Paradise of Association: Political Culture and Popular Organizations in the Paris Commune of 1871, Author: Martin Phillip Johnson