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Title: The Art of Philosophizing: and Other Essays, Author: Bertrand Russell
Title: Oscar Wilde: A Biography, Author: Andre Gide
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Title: The Great Garlic Cookbook, Author: Barbara Friedlander Meyer
Title: German Existentialism, Author: Martin Heidegger
Title: Babylonian Talmud, Author: Leo Auerbach
Title: Dictionary of Mind Matter and Morals, Author: Bertrand Russell Earl
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Title: Nuclear Physics, Author: W Heisenberg
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Title: Encyclopedia of Superstitions, Author: Edwin Radford
Title: Dictionary of American Folklore, Author: Marjorie Tallman
Title: Essays in Skepticism, Author: Bertrand Russell Earl
Title: Dictionary of Linguistics, Author: Mario Pei
Title: The Light Within Us, Author: Albert Schweitzer
Title: Hasidism, Author: Martin Buber
Title: Dictionary of Witchcraft, Author: Collin De Plancy
Title: Zen Dictionary, Author: Ernest Wood
Title: Dictionary of Anthropology, Author: Charles Winich
Title: A World Without Jews, Author: Karl Marx
Title: The Talmud of Jerusalem, Author: Dagobert D Runes
Title: Philosophy of History, Author: Voltaire
Title: Beyond Any Kind of God, Author: Jack Kevorkian
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