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Title: The Art of Erotic Spanking, Author: Don Julian Winslow
Title: The Dark Woods & Other Bondage Stories, Author: S.J. Lewis
Title: The Sweet Wife, Book Two: Maureen's Choice, Author: Charles Arnold
Title: The Sweet Wife, Book One, Author: Charles Arnold
Title: Catholic School Girls, Author: JoAnne Whisper
Title: Diplomatic Immunity, Part Two: Kelly's Descent, Author: JG Leathers
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Title: Kristal's Changed Life, Author: JG Leathers
Title: The Male Concubine, Author: Chris Bellows
Title: The Voyeur, An Erotic Novel, Author: Paul Preston
Title: Gordburg, Author: S.J. Lewis
Title: Of Castles & Curses & Unfaithful Wives, Author: Lizbeth Dusseau
Title: The Contract, Author: JG Leathers
Title: The Last Pony Girl, Author: Chris Bellows
Title: Adam & Eden, Author: Lizbeth Dusseau
Title: Big Book of Spanking II, Author: Lizbeth Dusseau
Title: Desired Deep Slavery, Author: JG Leathers
Title: Claire's Uptown Girls, Author: Don Julian Winslow
Title: Claudia's Surrender: The Case of the Reluctant Submissive, Author: S.J. Lewis
Title: Sophie & The Society, Author: Fidelis Blue
Title: The Emperor's Concubine, Author: Dominic Ridler

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