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Title: Tibetan Cooking, Author: Majupuria Acharya
Title: Philosophy of Buddism, Author: Neeraj Goutam
Title: A Study in Nepali Economic History, Author: Mahesh Chandra Regmi
Title: The Position of Women in Colonial India, Author: Maharani Chimanbai Gaikwad
Title: Air Pistol Target Shooting, Author: Dr. Baljit Singh Sekhon
Title: Buddism a Faith of world, Author: Neeraj Gautam
Title: Kinesiology, Author: K.C. Shekar
Title: The Holy and The Unholy:Critical Essays on Qaisra Shahraz's Fiction, Author: Abdur Raheem Kidwai
Title: Complete Book of Olympic Games, Author: Prof. Dr. Amresh Jumar
Title: 100 Shell Programs in Unix, Author: Sarika Jain
Title: Teach Yourself Long Jump, Author: Dr. A.K. Srivastava
Title: Ngo's in Livelihood Improvement, Author: Tek Nath Dhakal
Title: Maoist Movement in Nepal: A sociological Perspective, Author: Uddhab P. Pyakurel
Title: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Author: Mark Twain
Title: Stories from the : Bible The New Testament, Author: D.C. Pushkar
Title: Happy Prince and other Stories, Author: Oscar Wilde
Title: State of Healthcare in India, Author: R. K. Srivastava
Title: Tourism in Nepal a Profile, Author: Yajna Raj Satyal
Title: Dictionary of Physics, Author: Sanjay Yadav
Title: Untouchability: An Indian Life History, Author: A.K. Singh

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