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Title: Buying into English: Language and Investment in the New Capitalist World, Author: Catherine Prendergast
Title: Composition-Rhetoric: Backgrounds, Theory, and Pedagogy (Pittsburgh Series in Composition, Literacy, and Culture) / Edition 1, Author: Robert Connors
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Title: A Counter-History of Composition: Toward Methodologies of Complexity / Edition 1, Author: Byron Hawk
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Title: Re-reading Poets: The Life of the Author, Author: Paul Kameen
Title: Literate Zeal: Gender and the Making of a New Yorker Ethos, Author: Janet Carey Eldred
Title: Writing at the End of the World / Edition 1, Author: Richard E. Miller
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Title: Managing Literacy, Mothering America: Women¿s Narratives on Reading and Writing in the Nineteenth Century, Author: Sarah Robbins
Title: Acts of Enjoyment: Rhetoric, Zizek, and the Return of the Subject, Author: Thomas Rickert
Title: Beyond the Pulpit: Women's Rhetorical Roles in the Antebellum Religious Press, Author: Lisa J. Shaver
Title: Rhetoric in American Anthropology: Gender, Genre, and Science, Author: Risa Applegarth
Title: Interests and Opportunities: Race, Racism, and University Writing Instruction in the Post-Civil Rights Era, Author: Steve Lamos
Title: Motives For Metaphor: Literacy, Curriculum Reform, and the Teaching of English / Edition 1, Author: James E. Seitz
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Title: Illness as Narrative, Author: Ann Jurecic
Title: The Rhetoric of Remediation, Author: Jane Stanley
Title: Teaching Queer: Radical Possibilities for Writing and Knowing, Author: Stacey Waite
Title: American Indian Rhetorics of Survivance, Author: Ernest Stromberg
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Title: Toward a Civil Discourse: Rhetoric and Fundamentalism / Edition 1, Author: Sharon Crowley
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Title: Learning from Language, Author: Walter H. Beale
Title: Writing Science: Literacy and Discursive Power, Author: Michael A. K. Halliday
Title: Shades of Sulh: The Rhetorics of Arab-Islamic Reconciliation, Author: Rasha Diab

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