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Title: Bird Odyssey, Author: Barbara Hamby
Title: Holiday in the Islands of Grief: Poems, Author: Jeffrey McDaniel
Title: Because What Else Could I Do: Poems, Author: Martha Collins
Title: The Animals All Are Gathering, Author: Bradley Paul
Title: Hour of the Ox, Author: Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello
Title: Skid, Author: Dean Young
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Title: The Double Truth, Author: Chard deNiord
Title: Keeper, Author: Kasey Jueds
Title: See Jack, Author: Russell Edson
Title: The Selected Levis: Revised Edition, Author: Larry Levis
Title: Boneshaker / Edition 1, Author: Jan Beatty
Title: Red Clay Weather, Author: Reginald Shepherd
Title: The World Falls Away, Author: Wanda Coleman
Title: I: New and Selected Poems, Author: Toi Derricotte
Title: The Black Bear Inside Me, Author: Robin Becker
Title: The Falling Hour, Author: David Wojahn
Title: Earnest, Earnest?: Poems, Author: Eleanor Boudreau
Title: Animal Eye, Author: Paisley Rekdal
Title: Autobiography of a Wound, Author: Brynne Rebele-Henry
Title: Domestic Interior, Author: Stephanie Brown

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