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Title: The Last Resort: A Novel, Author: Kay Tobler Liss
Title: The Fear of Love, Author: David Filer
Title: Nothing Left to Lose, Author: Allan G. Johnson
Title: Strange Conveyances, Author: M. V. Montgomery
Title: Layla, Author: Celine Keating
Title: Images in the Clouds: reading the sky, Author: Maria Wells
Title: The Way Home, Author: Richard Widerkehr
Title: The First Thing and the Last, Author: Allan Johnson
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Title: The Putneyville Fables, Author: Marianne Gage
Title: Accidental Joy: A Streak of Poetry, Author: Judith Austin Mills
Title: Meet Me at the Met, Author: Eric G. Muller
Title: The Secrets of Sheets, Author: Pamela L Laskin
Title: Augustus, Author: Robin Greene
Title: At Home Abroad: An American Girl in Africa, Author: Nancy Henderson-James
Title: Wild Nights! Wild Nights! the Story of Emily Dickinson's Master, Neighbor and Friend and Bridegroom, Author: Daniela Gioseffi
Title: The Fate Motif, Author: Douglas Nordfors
Title: Coming To Be: A Novel, Author: Rebecca Thaddeus
Title: Love's Bluff, Author: Patti See
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Title: How Far Tomorrow: Remembering the Georgia Battalion in Texas, Author: Judith Austin Mills
Title: Bursting With Danger And Music, Author: Jack Coulehan

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