Title: Prince: Purple Rain: A Coloring Book, Author: Coco Balderrama
Title: The Making of Creepshow 2, Author: Lee Karr Pre-Order Now
Title: The Lizard King: The Essential Jim Morrison, Author: Jerry Hopkins
Title: Elvis, Author: Jerry Hopkins
Title: Sid Vicious: Rock 'n' Roll Star, Author: Malcolm Butt
Title: Beatles Literary Anthology, Author: Mike Evans
Title: Hollywood Diet and Fitness: Vintage Secrets, Author: Laura Slater
Title: Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty, Author: Laura Slater
Title: Trash! The Complete New York Dolls, Author: Kris Needs
Title: Freak Out! My Life with Frank Zappa, Author: Pauline Butcher
Title: My Chemical Romance, Author: Reinhardt Haydn Pre-Order Now
Title: Joel and Ethan Coen: Blood Siblings, Author: Paul A. Woods
Title: White Stripes: Twenty First Century Blues, Author: Dick Porter
Title: Amy Winehouse: A Losing Game, Author: Mick O'Shea
Title: Peter Jackson: From Gore to Mordor (Ultrascreen Series), Author: Paul A. Woods
Title: Scream: The Music, Myths, and Misbehavior of Primal Scream, Author: Kris Needs
Title: Jimmy Dean on Jimmy Dean, Author: Dean
Title: Johnny Depp: A Modern Rebel, Author: Brian J. Robb
Title: Day the Music Died: A Rock 'n' Roll Tribute, Author: Various
Title: Nation of Shopkeepers, Author: Evans & Lawson

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