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Title: The World of Yesterday, Author: Stefan Zweig
Title: The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945, Author: David S. Wyman
Title: The Shadow Warriors: O.S.S. and the Origins of the C.I.A., Author: Bradley F. Smith
Title: Edward R. Murrow: An American Original, Author: Joseph E. Persico
Title: The Griffin: The Greatest Untold Espionage Story of World War II, Author: Arnold Kramish
Title: A General's Life: An Autobiography by General of the Army Omar N. Bradley and Clay Blair, Author: Omar N. Bradley
Title: Listen, Hans, Author: Dorothy Thompson
Title: Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague, 1941-1968, Author: Heda Margolius Kovaly
Title: Dibs: In Search of Self, Author: Virginia M. Axline
Title: Paper Walls: America and the Refugee Crisis, 1938-1941, Author: David S. Wyman
Title: John von Neumann: The Scientific Genius Who Pioneered the Modern Computer, Game Theory, Nuclear Deterrence, and Much More, Author: Norman Macrae
Title: Outcast: A Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin, Author: Inge Deutschkron
Title: Orde Wingate, Author: Christopher Sykes
Title: Outwitting the Gestapo, Author: Lucie Aubrac
Title: The Air War, 1939-1945, Author: Richard J. Overy
Title: Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language, Author: Eva Hoffman
Title: Russia and the West Under Lenin and Stalin, Author: George F. Kennan
Title: Harry Hopkins: A Biography, Author: Henry H. Adams
Title: Prisoners Without Trial: Japanese Americans in World War II, Author: Roger Daniels
Title: Memoirs 1925-1950, Author: George F. Kennan

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