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Title: How to Service and Repair Your Own Car, Author: Richard Day
Title: De Cristoforo's Complete Book of Power Tools: Stationary and Portable Tools, Author: R. J. De Cristoforo
Title: Lumber, Plywood, Hardboards and Laminates: How to Choose and Use Them, Author: Mel Marshall
Title: Complete Guide to Home Appliance Repair, Author: Evan Powell
Title: Popular Science Homeowners' how-to Treasury, Author:
Title: Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Author: Jackson Hand
June 16th
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Title: Electronics for Everybody, Author: Ronald Benrey
Title: How It Works Illustrated: Every Day Devices and Mechanisms, Author: Rudolf F. Graf
Title: How to Build Patios and Decks, Author: Richard Day
Title: Basic Car Repairs and Maintenance, Author: Paul Weissler
Title: Homeowner's Complete Outdoor Building Book, Author: John B. Brimer
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Title: How Your Car Works, Author: Sam Julty
Title: How to Build Your Cabin or Modern Vacation Home, Author: Harry Walton