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Title: K, Author: Bernardo Kucinski
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Title: Pumps as Turbines: A User's Guide, Author: Arthur Williams
Title: Climate Change and Threatened Communities: Vulnerability, Capacity, and Action, Author: Alfonso Peter Castro
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Title: Whose Reality Counts?: Putting the First Last / Edition 1, Author: Robert Chambers
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Title: Basic Blacksmithing: An Introduction to Toolmaking, Author: David Harries
Title: The Sphere Handbook: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response, Author: The Sphere Project
June 16th
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Title: A Chinese Biogas Manual: Popularising Technology in the Countryside, Author: Ariane van Buren
Title: Small Scale Foundries for Developing Countries: A Guide to Process Selection, Author: J. D. Harper
Title: Developing Small-Scale Industries in India; An Integrated Approach : The Experience of the Birla Institute of Technology's Small Industry Scheme, Author: Marilyn Carr
Title: Agro-Mechanical Diffusion in a Backward Region, Author: Rakesh Basant
Title: Low Cost Printing for Development, Author: Jonathan Zeitlyn
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Title: Business Development Services: Review of International Experience, Author: Jacob Levitsky
Title: Hands On--Energy, Recycling and Infrastructure, Author: Emma Judge
Title: Still Standing?: Looking Back at Reconstruction and Disaster Risk Reduction in Housing, Author: Theo Schilderman
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Title: Perspectives �nerg�tiques Des Populations Pauvres 2014: Messages Cl�s En Mati�re d'�nergie Pour R�duire La Pauvret�, Author: Practical Action
Title: Using Technical Skills in Community Development: An Analysis of VSO's Experience, Author: Jonathan Dawson
Paperback $25.01 $29.95 Current price is $25.01, Original price is $29.95.
Title: Public Service Through Private Enterprise: Micro-Privatisation for Improved Delivery, Author: Malcolm Harper
Title: A Field Manual of Camel Diseases: Traditional and Modern Healthcare for the Dromedary, Author: Evelyn Mathias
Title: Qualitative Research for Development: A Guide for Practitioners, Author: Morten Skovdal
Title: Financial and Market Integration of Vulnerable People: Lessons Learned from Development Programmes, Author: Linda M. Jones

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