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Title: Portable C, Author: Chaim Schaap
Title: ADA: An Advanced Introduction Including Reference Manual for the ADA Programming Language, Author: Narain Gehani
Title: Reusable Data Structures for C, Author: Roger Sessions
Title: A Software Tools Sampler, Author: Webb Miller
Title: A Guide to Vi: Visual Editing on the UNIX System, Author: Dan Sonnenschein
Title: Data Structures: An Advanced Approach Using C / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey Esakov
Title: Icon Programming Language, Author: Ralph E. Griswold
Title: UNIX (TM) Relational Database Management / Edition 1, Author: Manis
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Title: Systems Software Tools, Author: Ted J. Biggerstaff
Title: The C Companion, Author: Allen I. Holub
Title: Formal Specifications of Programming Language: A Panoramic Primer, Author: Frank G. Pagen
Title: Starting Forth: An Introduction to the Forth Language and Operating System for Beginners and Professionals, Author: Leo Brodie
Title: Application Debugging: An MVS Abend Handbook for COBOL, Assembly, PL-1 and Fortran Programmers, Author: Robert Binder
Title: Data Structures Using Pascal, Author: Moshe J. Augenstein
Title: A Computer and Communications Network Performance Analysis Primer, Author: B. W. Stuck
Title: Operating System Elements: A User Perspective, Author: Peter Calingaert
Title: Compiler Design in C, Author: Allen I. Holub
Title: Multiprocessors: A Comparative Study, Author: M. Satyanarayanan
Title: Pascal: Program Development with Ten Instruction Pascal Subset (Tips) and Standard Pascal, Author: Michael Kennedy
Title: Structured Analysis, Author: Victor Weinberg

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