Title: Visions of a new kind, Author: Jayne Miller (Jaynee)
Title: CYBORG: How to optimally integrate human and machine investment decision-making, Author: Simon Russell
Title: Wally Wollemi and his Dinosaur Trees, Author: Anita Stanfield
Title: Investigative Interviewing - A Guide for Workplace Investigators, Author: Harriet Stacey
Title: Japanese Blitz On Darwin, Author: John Thompson-Gray
Title: Lucky Me!, Author: Jim Curson
Title: Harry's World, Author: A. B. Patterson
Title: Listen! The Angels Speak - Channeled Messages from The Realm of the Angels, Author: Carolynn Milne
Title: Electric Voices, Human Hearts: Memories, Mayhem and Music, Author: Paul Smith
Title: Unrequited, Author: Truth Devour
Title: The Fallen, Author: Jennifer Wherrett
Title: Sinking Violet and Other Stories, Author: Jonathan Elsom
Title: Della's Destiny - A Women's Adventure Around Australia with Her Horse and Dog, Author: Maricy Dalsanto
Title: How Great Thine Aunt: The life and times of missionary sisters: Margaret Sandeman Davies MA DipEd Principal of Ilsin Girls' School Korea & Ellice Jean Davies MB BS Surgeon at Chinju, Maralinga, Pukatja & Port Vila, Author: John Thompson-Gray
Title: How to get a mentor as a designer, guaranteed: The 12-step guide for emerging and established designers, Author: Ram Castillo
Title: Under the Water under the Wire and the Men who Sank the Sydney, Author: Grahame Wilson
Title: MAKE $#IT HAPPEN: The secrets to being a charismatic client magnet, doubling your fees, working with celebrities, fortune 500's and millionaires, Author: Justine Pogroske
Title: Island of Puffins, Author: Val Shooter
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Title: Monty the Pound Pup, Author: Fiona Crotty-Smith
Title: The Greenland Vikings, Author: Antonia Staff

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