Title: Chariots in the Sky, Author: Larry A. Freeland
Title: Tehran to Malibu: My Journey in Pursuit of Home, Author: Violet Baghdasarian
Title: West Point: A Novel, Author: J.M. Patton
Title: Looking for Alice: A Gunvor Ström Novel, Author: Luna Miller
Title: Forgotten Flowers: A Novel of Redemption and Second Love, Author: Michael J Sullivan
Title: Forward To Freedom: The American Constitution and Humanity's Struggle for Liberty Across The Ages, Author: Jerry Combee
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Title: Mr. Moonlight of the South Seas, Author: Brandon Oswald
Title: The Journey Home: A Novel, Author: Michael J Sullivan
Title: Because You're Mine, Author: Luna Miller
Title: Rage or Reason: The Economic and Political Choices Faced by Millennials, Author: Vincent H. L. Michaels
Title: Meet Us in Tuscany: A Memoir of Life at the Villa, Author: Janet Toll Davidson
Title: All That I've Seen: Failing Banks and Other Stories, Author: Peter Nielsen
Title: No Problem, Mr. Walt, Author: Walt Hackman