Title: Product of My Mother's Pain: African American Fiction, Author: Tamara S. La Guins
Title: I Regret The Day I Lost My Virginity: You Are Not Your Past, Author: Leanne Lelee Lyons
Title: And The Winner Is: Tasha Page-Lockhart Uncut, Author: Tasha Page-Lockhart
Title: Product of My Mother's Pain: Reaping What You Sow Book 2, Author: Tamara S. La Guins
Title: How To Get Through College: And What I Wish Someone Told Me, Author: Alexis Williams
Title: The Doorway to Your Success: 5 Keys to Unlocking Your Door, Author: Demoine Kinney
Title: God's World, Author: Lisa Bradley
Title: Blessings: The Journey Without Knowing God Was Really There, Author: Oscar Dixon
Title: Love and Healing, Author: Oscar Dixon
Title: A 52 Week Prayer Journal, Author: Angie Taylor Reames
Title: The Pain, The Process, The Promise: Christian Living for Spiritual and Personal Growth, Author: Jennifer Johnson Cook
Title: Manhood: The Struggles of a man, Author: Demoine Kinney
Title: Grown Woman 101: Guide for Becoming an Extraordinary Woman, Author: Marita Kinney
Title: Love For All the Wrong Reasons, Author: Alethia Smith
Title: Be Encouraged Word Search, Author: Lisa Bradley
Title: PowHer Play: A Women's Empowerment Guide, Author: Shantera L Chatman
Title: Hey Girl, Hey!: Encouraging Women to Rule and Own Their Lives With No Limits, Author: Meghan Fletcher
Title: Uncommon Leadership: What the Church Needs Most, Author: Walter Robertson III
Title: Single Ladies: Why You're Still Sinle: and How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams, Author: Marita Kinney
Title: The Snow's Meltdown, Author: Marita Kinney

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