Title: And I Held their Hands with a Hospice Heart: Stories of Faith, Hope, Love and Loss, Author: Susan Lee Mintz
Title: Pizza Anyway You Want It, Author: Sharla J Webb
Title: Coaching Joe C. Style, Author: Kiva Gates
Title: Ryan's Big Choice To Pick His Inner Voice, Author: Tonya T Rice
Title: Academic Patriotism: Why Every American Student is Obligated to Excel, Author: Carl R Boyd
Title: From Being Kept to Being Kept, Author: Rochinda Pickens
Title: What Does Love Really Mean?, Author: LaTonya Samuels
Title: I Am Phenomenal Because I Am Me!, Author: April K Shepherd
Title: 30 Days to A Fabulous You, Author: Carmelita McRoy
Title: Predictability: The Comfort of Knowing Where Things are Headed, Author: Frank Baio
Title: My Own Bed, Author: Pamela Washington
Title: 7 Keys of a Queen: Releasing the Entrepreneurial Woman, Author: Michelle L Gines
Title: Keep Turning the Pages, Author: Anita L Cobbins
Title: Breastplate of Judgment: Choshen, Author: Pamela S Cabell
Title: Committed to Love: One Woman's Journey through Love and Loss, Author: Susan Lee Mintz
Title: Pressing Past the Past, Author: Julee Jonez
Title: Real Imagination, Author: Areia Cobb
Title: Me and Mama's Tattoo, Author: Lynne D. Shipley MIT Ed.d
Title: Innocence BEFORE Deception, Author: Valarie D Gray
Title: Joe Ally: Chemistry Teacher, Author: David Carlyle

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