Title: The Little Rednecks and a Town Full of Bullies Special Edition, Author: T. Denise Robinson
Title: Deceased Dora, Author: Claire Chilton
Title: Worth Dying For & She Left Me Breathless 2 Book Bonus Bundle: 2 Book Bonus Bundle, Author: Trin Denise
Title: Touched by Evil, Author: Nicole Leclercq
Title: A Hint of Hell, Author: Claire Chilton
Title: A Hint of Magic, Author: Claire Chilton
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Title: Touched by Madness, Author: Nicole Leclercq
Title: Demonic Dora: Bewitched in Hell, Author: Claire Chilton
Title: Touched by Darkness, Author: Nicole Leclercq
Title: Worth Dying For Special Edition, Author: Trin Denise
Title: Divine Dora, Author: Claire Chilton