Title: The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Author: Timothy Leary
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Title: Well of Remembrance: Rediscovering the Earth Wisdom Myths of Northern Europe, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: ALLIES for AWAKENING Guidelines for productive and safe experiences with entheogens, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: Sacred Mushroom of Visions: Teonanácatl: A Sourcebook on the Psilocybin Mushroom, Author: Ralph Metzner Ph.D.
Title: The Toad and the Jaguar a Field Report of Underground Research on a Visionary Medicine: Bufo Alvarius and 5-Methoxy-Dimethyltryptamine, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: Searching for the Philosophers' Stone: Encounters with Mystics, Scientists, and Healers, Author: Ralph Metzner Ph.D.
Title: The Unfolding Self: Varieties of Transformative Experience, Author: Ralph Metzner PhD
Title: Ecology of Consciousness: The Alchemy of Personal, Collective, and Planetary Transformation, Author: Ralph Metzner PhD
Title: Why?: What Your Life Is Telling You about Who You Are and Why You're Here, Author: Matthew McKay PhD
Title: Raum des Geistes - Strom der Zeit: Wie man seine Bewusstseinszustände verstehen und navigieren kann, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: DIVING FOR TREASURES Poems & Epilogs, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: Die Erweiterung des Bewusstseins: Alchemistische Transformation des Individuums und der Gesellschaft, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: Eye of the Seeress - Voice of the Poet: Visions - Poems - Prayers, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: Handbuch für nachhaltige Erfahrungen mit Entheogenen, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: Green Psychology: Transforming Our Relationship to the Earth, Author: Ralph Metzner Ph.D.
Title: Die Kröte und der Jaguar: Erfahrungsberichte zur Erforschung einer visionären Medizin - Bufo alvarius und 5-MeO-DMT, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: The Ayahuasca Experience: A Sourcebook on the Sacred Vine of Spirits, Author: Ralph Metzner Ph.D.
Title: Alchemistische Divination: Heilung und Führung durch den Zugang zur spirituellen Intelligenz, Author: Ralph Metzner
Title: Overtones and Undercurrents: Spirituality, Reincarnation, and Ancestor Influence in Entheogenic Psychotherapy, Author: Ralph Metzner Ph.D.
Title: Die Wurzeln von Krieg und Herrschaft, Author: Ralph Metzner

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