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Title: Hummingbird, Author: Jude Angelini
Title: Black Dahlia Avenger III: Murder as a Fine Art: Presenting the Further Evidence Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel to the Black Dahlia and Other Lone Woman Murders, Author: Steve Hodel
Title: Easy For You To Say, Author:
Title: Watch: A Novel, Author: Keith Buckley
Title: The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, Author: Bella Thorne Pre-Order Now
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Title: Brat Pack America: Visiting Cult Movies of the '80s, Author: Kevin Smokler
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Title: Beethoven's Tenth, Author: Richard Kluger
Title: Scale, Author: Keith Buckley
Title: Pryor Convictions: And Other Life Sentences, Author: Richard Pryor
Title: Cocaine + Surfing: A Sordid History of Surfing's Greatest Love Affair, Author: Chas Smith
Title: Cry Wilderness, Author: Frank Capra
Title: The Velvet Rose, Author: Susan Holmes McKagan
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Title: Most Evil II: Presenting the Follow-Up Investigation and Decryption of the 1970 Zodiac Cipher in which the San Francisco Serial Killer Reveals his True Identity, Author: Steve Hodel
Title: Raylan Goes to Detroit, Author: Peter Leonard
Title: No Joy: A Recon Marine's Tales of (Self) Destruction, Author: David Rose
Title: The Story of Motown, Author: Peter Benjaminson
Title: Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh, Author: Kristin Casey
Title: Living Rich with Coupons: Empowering Smart Shoppers to Live Rich, Author: Cindy Livesey
Title: Permanent Midnight: A Memoir, Author: Jerry Stahl
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Title: Los Angeles in the 1970s: Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine, Author: David Kukoff

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