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Title: Children of the Canyon, Author: David Kukoff
Title: Matilda Empress, Author: Lise Arin
Title: Collision Theory, Author: Adrian Todd Zuniga
Title: What We Never Had: A Novel, Author: Zach Wyner
Title: The Investment Club, Author: Doug Cooper
Title: Through The Bookstore Window, Author: Bill Petrocelli
Title: There's a Somebody, Author: Stephen W. Long
Title: Vow of Celibacy: A Novel, Author: Erin Judge
Title: Black Sheep Boy: A Novel in Stories, Author: Martin Pousson
Title: Focus Lost, Author: Doug Cooper
Title: The Night Language, Author: David Rocklin
Title: The Wolves that Live in Skin and Space, Author: Christopher Zeischegg
Title: Bad Sex On Speed: A Novel, Author: Jerry Stahl
Title: The Bellman: A Novel, Author: Heidi Barnes
Title: The Woman in Black, Author: Erik Tarloff
Title: Improbable Fortunes: A Novel, Author: Jeffrey Price
Title: The Oath, Author: Stephen Robert Stein
Title: The Lights: A Novel, Author: Brian McGreevy
Title: Night Driver, Author: Ronald Colby
Title: All For Now, Author: Joseph Di Prisco

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