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Title: Watch: A Novel, Author: Keith Buckley
Title: Shibumi (Deluxe Edition) (40th Anniversary Edition), Author: Trevanian Pre-Order Now
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Title: Cry Wilderness, Author: Frank Capra
Title: Scale, Author: Keith Buckley
Title: Beethoven's Tenth, Author: Richard Kluger
Title: Raylan Goes to Detroit, Author: Peter Leonard
June 16th
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Title: The Wild Birds, Author: Emily Strelow
Title: My Hand Mitten, Author: Austin Thacker
Title: Therapy Mammals, Author: Jon Methven
Title: Circus of the Queens: The Fortune Teller's Fate, Author: Audrey Berger Welz
Title: Howard & Debbie, Author: Max Mobley
Title: Freaks of the Industry, Author: Adam Novak
Title: Waterfront Whorehouse Pianist, Author: Steven Sobel
Title: The Crown Lord, Author: William Sirls
Title: Criminal Zoo, Author: Sean McDaniel
Title: Crossing Point, Author: James Glickman
Title: The Evolution of Love, Author: Lucy Jane Bledsoe
Title: Children of the Canyon, Author: David Kukoff
Title: Matilda Empress, Author: Lise Arin
Title: Collision Theory, Author: Adrian Todd Zuniga

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