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Title: A Congregation of Jackals: Author's Preferred Text, Author: S. Craig Zahler
Title: On Quiet Nights, Author: Till Lindemann
Title: Wraiths of the Broken Land, Author: S. Craig Zahler
Title: A Collection of Nightmares, Author: Christina Sng
Title: Corpus Chrome, Inc., Author: S. Craig Zahler
Title: A Short, Sharp Shock, Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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Title: The Troublesome Amputee, Author: John Edward Lawson
Title: Cog, Author: K. Ceres Wright
Title: Cursed, Author: Jeremy C. Shipp
Title: Mistah Kurtz! A Prelude to Heart of Darkness, Author: James Reich
Title: The Song My Enemies Sing, Author: James Reich
Title: Soft Invasions, Author: James Reich
Title: Welcome To Oakland, Author: Eric Miles Williamson
Title: Soft Apocalypses, Author: Lucy a. Snyder
Title: Garden of Eldritch Delights, Author: Lucy A. Snyder
Title: Architectures of Possibility: After Innovative Writing, Author: Lance Olsen
Title: Hounds of the Underworld, Author: Dan Rabarts
Title: Teeth of the Wolf, Author: Dan Rabarts
Title: The Boogeyman's Intern, Author: Matt Betts
Title: Brothel, Author: Stephanie M. Wytovich

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