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Title: On Quiet Nights, Author: Till Lindemann
Title: 100 Poems, Author: Till Lindemann
Title: Wasps in the Ice Cream, Author: Tim McGregor Pre-Order Now
Title: A Congregation of Jackals: Author's Preferred Text, Author: S. Craig Zahler
Title: Wraiths of the Broken Land, Author: S. Craig Zahler
Title: The Ghost That Ate Us: The Tragic True Story of the Burger City Poltergeist, Author: Daniel Kraus
Title: Halloween Season, Author: Lucy A. Snyder
Title: There Comes a Midnight Hour, Author: Gary A. Braunbeck
Title: The Fourth Whore, Author: EV Knight
Title: Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women, Author: Nadia Bulkin Pre-Order Now
Title: Children of Demeter, Author: EV Knight
Title: Architectures of Possibility: After Innovative Writing, Author: Lance Olsen
Title: Crime Scene, Author: Cynthia Pelayo
Title: Writing in the Dark, Author: Tim Waggoner
Title: Poems of My Night, Author: Cynthia Pelayo
Title: A Collection of Nightmares, Author: Christina Sng
Title: Time is the Longest Distance, Author: Larry Fondation
Title: Attack From the '80s, Author: Eugene Johnson
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Title: The Slanted Gutter, Author: S. Craig Zahler
Title: Chasing Whispers, Author: Eugen Bacon

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