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Title: The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (Audio-eBook), Author: Irving
Title: The Jungle Book (Audio-eBook), Author: Kipling
Title: Rip Van Winkle (Audio-eBook), Author: Irving
Title: Just So Stories (Audio-eBook), Author: Kipling
Title: A Dog's Tale (Audio-eBook), Author: Twain
Title: Dracula's Guest (Audio-eBook), Author: Stoker
Title: The Haunted House (Audio-eBook), Author: Dickens
Title: The Canterville Ghost (Audio-eBook), Author: Wilde
Title: The Tell-Tale Heart (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe
Title: The Murders In The Rue Morgue (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe
Title: The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes - Adventure I - A Scandal In Bohemia (Audio-eBook), Author: Doyle
Title: The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes - Adventure III - A Case Of Identity (Audio-eBook), Author: Doyle
Title: Psychology (Audio-eBook), Author: Mansfield
Title: Eve's Diary (Audio-eBook), Author: Twain
Title: The Brazilian Cat (Audio-eBook), Author: Doyle
Title: To Build A Fire (Audio-eBook), Author: London
Title: Love And Friendship (Audio-eBook), Author: Austen
Title: The Man Who Would Be King (Audio-eBook), Author: Kipling
Title: The Masque Of The Red Death (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe
Title: The Pit And The Pendulum (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe

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