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Title: Hidden Ecstasy, Author: Setta Jay
Title: The Companions: The Sundering, Book I, Author: R. A. Salvatore
Title: Canticle: The Cleric Quintet, Book I, Author: R. A. Salvatore
Title: The Beltane Escape, Author: Ariella Moon
Title: Forgotten Realms: Rising Tide (Threat from the Sea #1), Author: Mel Odom
Title: Forgotten Realms: The Fanged Crown (The Wilds Series), Author: Jenna Helland
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Title: Forgotten Realms: The Captive Flame (Brotherhood of the Griffon #1), Author: Richard Lee Byers
Title: Forgotten Realms: Forsaken House (Last Mythal #1), Author: Richard Baker
Title: Changeling Exile, Author: Marina Finlayson
Title: The Battle for the Four Realms: Dragon Bone, Author: Aldrea Johnson
Title: Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Volume1, Author: Ed Greenwood
Title: The Beauty Thief, Author: Rachael Ritchey
Title: Forgotten Realms: Azure Bonds (Finder's Stone Trilogy #1), Author: Jeff Grubb
Title: Stone Guardian, Author: Danielle Monsch
Title: Forgotten Realms: The Sapphire Crescent (Scions of Arrabar #1), Author: Thomas M. Reid
Title: Forgotten Realms: Twilight Falling (Erevis Cale Trilogy #1), Author: Paul S. Kemp
Title: Fortgotten Realms: Spellfire (Shandril's Saga Series #1), Author: Ed Greenwood
Title: Out of Paradise - A Short Story of Zombie Fantasy Fiction from the Tropics - Forgotten Tales from the Realms of Primoria, Author: Eddie Patin
Title: Forgotten Realms: The Summoning (Return of the Archwizards #1), Author: Troy Denning
Title: Rhuul's Flame, Author: Nulli Para Ora

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