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Title: Yeager's Getaway, Author: Scott Bell
Title: Al Quinn Mysteries: Collection #1, Author: Russ Hall
Title: Better in the Morning, Author: Fern Ronay
Title: Emeralds and Envy, Author: Angela McRae
Title: Love & Chocolate, Author: Gail Cleare
Title: The Taste of Air, Author: Gail Cleare
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Title: Burglars & Blintzes, Author: Morgan C Talbot
Title: Sophie Last Seen, Author: Marlene Adelstein
Title: The Thing Is, Author: Kathleen Gerard
Title: The Dragonkin Trilogy, Author: Michael Meyerhofer
Title: Thought I Knew You, Author: Kate Moretti
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Title: Binds That Tie, Author: Kate Moretti
Title: For the Love of Katie, Author: Erica Lucke Dean
Title: A Shot in the Texas Dark, Author: Russ Hall
Title: Seeking the Star, Author: Traci Borum
Title: Yeager's Law, Author: Scott Bell
Title: Left Hanging, Author: Cindy Dorminy
Title: Suddenly Sorceress, Author: Erica Lucke Dean
Title: Suddenly Spellbound, Author: Erica Lucke Dean
Title: Sacrificial Lamb Cake, Author: Katrina Monroe

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