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Title: On Any Given Day, Author: Yvette Nelson
Title: Family Affair, Author: Shaun Rouser
Title: Escapologies, Author: Matthew Burnside
Title: Hurricane Drunk, Author: Laura Bogart
Title: Tangled Strings, Author: Joann Bren Guernsey
Title: Ivory Children, Author: Joe Baumann
Title: Living Is The Spin Cycle, Author: Howie Good
Title: Five Stories, Author: Renee Beauregard-Lute
Title: The Second Book of Pearl: The Cats, Author: Pearl Vork-Zambory
Title: Self Help Attempts, Author: Emily Urness
Title: I Was Raised To Be A Lert, Author: Pearl Vork-Zambory
Title: Her Skin is a Costume, Author: Meg Tuite