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Title: Girls' Night Out, Author: Red Dress Ink
Title: How Nancy Drew Saved My Life, Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Title: The Dairy Queen, Author: Allison Rushby
Title: Killer Summer, Author: Lynda Curnyn
Title: The Romancipation of Maggie Hunter, Author: Jane Sigaloff
Title: Name & Address Withheld, Author: Jane Sigaloff
Title: Welcome to the Real World, Author: Carole Matthews
Title: Hating Valentine's Day, Author: Allison Rushby
Title: Tart, Author: Jody  Gehrman
Title: 21 Steps to Happiness, Author: F. G. Gerson
Title: The Anglophile, Author: Laurie Gwen Shapiro
Title: Girls' Night In, Author: Assorted
Title: A Minor Indiscretion, Author: Carole Matthews
Title: Good Times, Bad Boys, Author: Melanie Murray
Title: With or Without You, Author: Carole Matthews
Title: Out of the Blue, Author: Wolff
Title: The Younger Man, Author: Sarah Tucker
Title: Marrying Up, Author: Jackie Rose
Title: What Men Want, Author: Deborah Blumenthal
Title: What I Really Want to Do is Direct, Author: Yvonne Collins

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