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Title: Last Place Seen, Author: Alessandra Harris
Title: Pest Cemetery, Author: Scott Bell
Title: Depths of Deceit, Author: Laura Oles
Title: When Robins Appear, Author: Densie Webb
Title: Amber Waves of Grace, Author: Jessica Berg
Title: Thought I Knew You, Author: Kate Moretti
Title: They Call Me Crazy, Author: Kelly Stone Gamble
Title: Warped Ambition, Author: Debbie S. TenBrink
#1 in Series
Title: Everything She Lost, Author: Alessandra Harris
Title: Sophie Last Seen, Author: Marlene Adelstein
Title: Binds That Tie, Author: Kate Moretti
Title: Warped Allegiance, Author: Debbie S. TenBrink
Title: Warped Passage, Author: Debbie TenBrink
Title: The Smuggler's Daughter, Author: Claire Matturro
Title: Last Liar Standing, Author: Danielle M Wong
Title: For the Love of Katie (Katie Chronicles Series #2), Author: Erica Lucke Dean
Title: Upload, Author: Collin Tobin
Title: After the Fact, Author: Jeff Cooper
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Title: Left Hanging, Author: Cindy Dorminy

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