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Title: Glorious Boy, Author: Aimee Liu
Title: Imagine No Religion: The Autobiography of Blase Bonpane: The Autobiography of Blase Bonpane, Author: Blase Bonpane
Title: After Rubén: Poems + Prose, Author: Francisco Aragón
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Title: Livid, Author: Cai Emmons
Title: I Dreamed I Was Emily Dickinson's Boyfriend, Author: Ron Koertge
Title: Sinking Islands, Author: Cai Emmons
Title: Weather Woman, Author: Cai Emmons
Title: CrossTown, Author: Loren W. Cooper
Title: Fade to Black, Author: Josh Pryor
Title: Golden Ghetto: How the Americans & French Fell In & Out of Love During the Cold War, Author: Steve Bassett
Title: Bin Laden's Bald Spot: & Other Stories: & Other Stories, Author: Brian Doyle
Title: Summer of the Cicadas, Author: Chelsea Catherine
Title: My Body Is a Book of Rules, Author: Elissa Washuta
Title: The Lost Women of Azalea Court, Author: Ellen Meeropol
Title: Animal Wife, Author: Lara Ehrlich
Title: Pigs, Author: Johanna Stoberock
Title: Under Nushagak Bluff, Author: Mia Heavener
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Title: Drumming with Dead Can Dance: and Parallel Adventures, Author: Peter Ulrich
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Title: American Bastard, Author: Jan Beatty
Title: The Discarded Life, Author: Adam Kirsch

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