Title: The Kudzu Queen, Author: Mimi Herman
Title: Have Mercy On Us, Author: Lisa Cupolo
Title: Daughter of Spies: Wartime Secrets, Family Lies, Author: Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop
Title: The Take-Over Friend, Author: Carol Dines
Title: Three Muses, Author: Martha Anne Toll
Title: My Dear Comrades, Author: Sunu P. Chandy Pre-Order Now
Title: Hemlock Hollow, Author: Culley Holderfield
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Title: The Complicated Calculus (and Cows) of Carl Paulsen, Author: Gary Eldon Peter
Title: What Disappears, Author: Barbara Quick
Title: In the Lonely Backwater, Author: Valerie Nieman
Title: Indigo Field, Author: Marjorie Hudson Pre-Order Now
Title: Hellfinder, Author: Paula Stokes Pre-Order Now
Title: Tell Me One Thing, Author: Kerri Schlottman
Title: In Search of the Magic Theater, Author: Karla Huebner
Title: Banana Republic, Author: Eric Rawson
Title: Hunting Teddy Roosevelt, Author: James A. Ross
Title: Oranges for Magellan, Author: Richard Martin
Title: The Orange Grove, Author: Kate Murdoch
Title: Loving the Dead and Gone, Author: Judith Turner-Yamamoto
Title: Alice the Cat, Author: Tim Cummings Pre-Order Now

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