Title: Hunting Teddy Roosevelt, Author: James A. Ross
Title: And the Crows Took Their Eyes, Author: Vicki Lane
Title: Fighting Time, Author: Amy Banks MD
Title: Girlz 'n the Hood: A Memoir of Mama in South Central Los Angeles, Author: Mary Hill-Wagner
Title: In the Neighborhood of Normal, Author: Cindy Maddox
Title: Class Dismissed, Author: Kevin M. McIntosh
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Title: No Diving Allowed, Author: Louise Marburg
Title: Camper Girl, Author: Glenn Erick Miller
Title: Beginner's Mind, Author: M.B. McLatchey
Title: Maud & Addie, Author: Maureen Buchanan Jones
Title: Into the Unbounded Night, Author: Mitchell James Kaplan
Title: McMullen Circle, Author: Heather Newton Pre-Order Now
Title: A Constellation of Ghosts: A Speculative Memoir with Ravens, Author: Laraine Herring
Title: The Purpose of Things, Author: Peter Serchuk
Title: Secrets in Translation, Author: Margo Sorenson
Title: Reeni's Turn, Author: Carol Coven Grannick
Title: Angels Unaware, Author: Lisa DeAngelis
Title: The Tantalizing Tale of Grace Minnaugh, Author: Alice Kaltman
Title: Bliss, Author: Fredrick Soukup
Title: Four Dead Horses, Author: KT Sparks

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