Title: A Narrative of the Expedition of Cyrus the Younger, and of the Retreat of the Ten Thousand. by Xenophon of Athens. ... Ed. by Alpheus Crosby ..., Author: Xenophon
Title: The American Slave Code in Theory and Practice: Its Distinctive Features Shown by Its Statutes, Judicial Decisions, and Illustrative Facts. by William, Author: William Goodell
Title: Pickett's Men: A Fragment of War History. by Walter Harrison, Author: Walter Harrison
Title: Wisconsin Gazetteer, Containing the Names, Location and Advantages of the Counties, Cities, Towns, Villages, Post Offices, and Settlements,Together Wi, Author: John Warren Hunt
Title: Lloyd's Steamboat Directory, and Disasters on the Western Waters, Containing the History of the First Application of Steam, As a Motive Power; the Liv, Author: James T Lloyd
Title: A History of the Upper Guinea Coast, 1545-1800, Author: Walter Rodney
Title: A New Dictionary of Quotations from the Greek, Latin, and Modern Languages Tr into English, and Occasionally Accompanied with Illustrations, Histori, Author: Scholarly Press
Title: Experimental investigation of the Spirit Manifestations, Demonstrating the Existence of Spirits and their Communion With Mortals. Doctrine of the Spirit World Respecting Heaven, Hell, Morality, and God. Also, the influence of Scripture On the Morals of Ch, Author: Robert Hare
Title: General Geometry and Calculus. Including Book I of the General Geometry, Treating of Loci in a Plane; And an Elementary Course in the Differential and Integral Calculus. by Edward Olney ..., Author: Edward Olney
Title: Republics;, Author: John Crowell
Title: Rural Homes: or, Sketches of Houses Suited to American Country Life, With original Plans, Designs, andc., by Gervase Wheeler., Author: Gervase. Wheeler
Title: History of Cass County, from 1825 To 1875, Author: Howard S Rogers
Title: New Varieties Of Gold And Silver Coins, Counterfeit Coins, Ad Bullion; With Mint Values., Author: Jacob Reese Eckfeldt
Title: Dermot MacMorrogh, or, the Conquest of Ireland an Historical Tale of the Twelfth Century in Four Cantos by John Quincy Adams, Author: John Quincy Adams
Title: A the Gentle Shepherd a Pastoral Comedy by Allen Ramsay with a Life of the Author, and the Opinions of Various Eminent Men on the Work to Which Is, Author: Allan Ramsay
Title: The Harmony of Interests, Agricultural, Manufacturing and Commercial, Author: Henry Charles Carey
Title: Poems Here At Home, by James Whitcomb Riley. Pictures by E. W. Kemble., Author: James Whitcomb Riley
Title: Voyages Of Samuel De Champlain 1604-1618, Author: Samuel De Champlain
Title: The Life of Stonewall Jackson from Official Papers, Contemporary Narratives, and Personal Acquaintance by a Virginian, Author: John Esten Cooke
Title: Notes from Plymouth Pulpit: A Collection of Memorable Passages from the Discourses of Henry Ward Beecher, by Augusta Moore, Author: Henry Ward Beecher

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