Title: Your Awesome Life, Author: Karin Abeyta
Title: The Drum With No Sound, Author: Katrina Rahman-Stephens
Title: Cock-A-Doodle-Don't, Author: Nintendo Poppins
Title: My Uncle Bob, Author: William Arnold
Title: Where Do We Go When We Dream?, Author: Clarissa Brock
Title: The Elephant's Christmas Wish, Author: Ania Danylo
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Title: Happy House, Author: Clarissa Brock
Title: Conversations with Samantha: My Heart Matches Your Heart, Author: Patricia Young
Title: Mess and Fuss, Author: Clarissa Brock
Title: The Day The Goose Followed Me Home, Author: William Arnold
Title: BoBo Bye Bye, Author: Jayson Chavis
Title: Brushing With Speedy and Friends, Author: William Arnold
Title: Finding My Shadow, Author: Vivian Burch
Title: Mia's Sad Day Made Glad, Author: Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb
Title: The Mischievous Adventurous St. Bernard, Author: E. Camille Harrington
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Title: Alice Olive Goes to Grandma's, Author: Mary Jane Fox
Title: Aunt Sarah's Dolls, Author: Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb
Title: Blessed Beautiful Child, Author: Sharanda Hunter
Title: Donuts With Dad Day, Author: Tina Brooks
Title: Cooking With Speedy & Friends, Author: William Arnold

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