Title: The Christian's Guide to No Contact: How to End Your Relationships With Narcissistic, Psychopathic, and Abusive Family and Friends, and Still be a Good Christian, Author: Sister Renee Pittelli
Title: Narcissistic Predicaments: A Biblical Guide to Navigating the Schemes, Snares, and No-Win Situations Unique to Abusive Families, Author: Renee Pittelli
Title: Narcissistic Confrontations: A Biblical Guide to Your Abusive Family and Church Family's Battle Tactics, Covert Operations, and Nuclear Meltdowns, Author: Renee Pittelli
Title: Forgiveness: Not Necessarily What You Think: What the Bible Really Says, and What it Doesn't Say, Author: Sister Renee Pittelli
Title: The Family Freeloader: A Biblical Answer for Sob Stories, Con Games, and Never Having to Get Off the Couch, Author: Renee Pittelli
Title: Breaking the Bonds of Adult Child Abuse: A Biblical Textbook on Abusive Narcissistic Families, How They Operate, and How to Deal with Them, Author: Renee Pittelli