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Title: Software Fault Tolerance: Achievement and Assessment Strategies, Author: Manfred Kersken
Title: CCE: An Integration Platform for Distributed Manufacturing Applications: A Survey of Advanced Computing Technologies, Author: ESPRIT Consortium CCE-CNMA
Title: The OSI95 Transport Service with Multimedia Support, Author: Andre Danthine
Title: Specification of a CAD*I Neutral File for Solids: Version 2.1, Author: E.G. Schlechtendahl
Title: Advanced Speech Applications: European Research on Speech Technology, Author: Kadamula Varghese
Title: Integration of Graphics and OSI Standards, Author: Robert A. Day
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Title: CIMOSA: Open System Architecture for CIM, Author: ESPRIT Consortium AMICE
Title: Cooperation Among Organizations: The Potential of Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Author: Richard J.D. Power
Title: Specification of a CAD * I Neutral File for CAD Geometry: Wireframes, Surfaces, Solids Version 3.3, Author: E.G. Schlechtendahl
Title: IMPPACT Reference Model: An Approach to Integrated Product and Process Modelling for Discrete Parts Manufacturing, Author: Wim F. Gielingh
Title: Gallium Arsenide Technology in Europe, Author: Joseph Mun
Title: Delta-4: A Generic Architecture for Dependable Distributed Computing, Author: David Powell
Title: An External Interface for Processing 3-D Holographic and X-Ray Images, Author: Werner Jïptner
Title: Integrated Management of Technical Documentation: The System SPRITE, Author: Jirka Hoppe
Title: The Programming and Proof System ATES: Advanced Techniques Integration into Efficient Scientific Software, Author: Armand Puccetti
Title: Cooperative Work with Multimedia, Author: Malcolm K. Crowe
Title: Automatic Tools for Designing Office Information Systems: The TODOS Approach, Author: Barbara Pernici
Title: A Natural Language and Graphics Interface: Results and Perspectives from the ACORD Project, Author: Gabriel G. Bes
Title: Advanced Algorithms and Architectures for Speech Understanding, Author: Giancarlo Pirani
Title: Learning in Man-Computer Interaction: A Review of the Literature, Author: Tom Bïsser

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