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Title: Modernization Of China's Agricultural Production Organization, Author: Cao Yang Pre-Order Now
Title: Ecological Economics and Harmonious Society, Author: Futian Qu
Title: An Anthology of Migration and Social Transformation: European Perspectives, Author: Anna Amelina
Title: Annual Report on China's Economic Growth: Macroeconomic Trends and Outlook, Author: Ping Zhang
Title: Modeling with Stochastic Programming / Edition 1, Author: Alan J. King
Title: Successful Building Using Ecodesign, Author: Christophe Gobin
Title: Afferent and Intrinsic Organization of Laminated Structures in the Brain: 7th International Neurobiology Meeting / Edition 1, Author: O. Creutzfeldt
Title: Expanding the Scope of Social Science Research on Disability / Edition 1, Author: B. M. Altman
Title: Toward a BlackBoyCrit Pedagogy: Black Boys, Male Teachers, and Early Childhood Classroom Practices, Author: Nathaniel Bryan
Title: China's State-owned Enterprises: Nature, Performance And Reform, Author: Hong Sheng
Title: A User's Grammar of English: Word, Sentence, Text, Interaction: Part A: The Structure of Words and Phrases, Author: Rene Dirven
Title: Across the Mediterranean Frontiers: Trade, Politics and Religion, 650-1450, Author: Dionisius A Agius
Title: Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research, Volume 1: Linguistics, Author: Susan D. Fischer
Title: Advances in Infancy Research, Volume 1, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Quality of Life in South Africa, Author: Valerie Møller
Title: International Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Research, Author: Robert G. Bringle
Title: Mixed Methods in Health Sciences Research: A Practical Primer / Edition 1, Author: Leslie A. Curry
Title: The Effect of Affect in Organizational Settings / Edition 1, Author: Neal Ashkanasy
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Title: A Computer-Assisted Analysis System for Mathematical Programming Models and Solutions: A User's Guide for ANALYZE© / Edition 1, Author: H.J. Greenberg
Title: Research Directions in Computational Mechanics, Author: National Research Council

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