Title: Cyberpunk: Stories of Hardware, Software, Wetware, Revolution, and Evolution, Author: Victoria Blake
Title: Chimpanzee, Author: Darin Bradley
Title: The Pilo Traveling Show, Author: Will Elliott
Title: Thirteen: Stories of Transformation, Author: Adrienne J. Odasso
Title: The Garden of Blue Roses, Author: Michael Barsa
Title: Planning, Plotting, and Progress: A Guide to Building Your Novel, Author: Mark Teppo
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Title: The Fissure King, Author: Rachel Pollack
Title: Eighteen: Stories of Mischief & Mayhem (Underland Tarot, #2), Author: Darin Bradley
Title: Underland Arcana 1, Author: Michael Barsa
Title: Light Both Foreign and Domestic, Author: Darin Bradley
Title: Underland Arcana 2, Author: Jon McGoran
Title: Totem, Author: Darin Bradley
Title: Underland Arcana 4, Author: Forrest Aguirre
Title: Orthogonal Procedures, Author: Adam Rothstein
Title: Underland Arcana 3, Author: A. P. Howell
Title: Hard Promises: A Butch Bliss Novel, Author: Harry Bryant
Title: Heraclix & Pomp, Author: Forrest Aguirre
Title: Necessary Monsters, Author: Richard A. Kirk