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Title: The Fitness Mindset: Eat for energy, Train for tension, Manage your mindset, Reap the results, Author: Brian Keane
Title: Serious Guide to Joke Writing: How to Say Something Funny about Anything, Author: Sally Holloway
Title: Business Writing Made Easy, Author: Suzan St Maur
Title: Kick Start Your Own Martial Arts School: How to Set Up and Run a Successful Martial Arts Business, Author: Talib Fehlhaber
Title: Follow Your Heart and Take Action: 7 Secrets to Living the Life You Were Truly Born to Live, Author: Tim Han
Title: Rock The Dancefloor: The proven five-step formula for total DJing success, Author: Phil Morse
Title: Key Person of Influence: The Five-Step Method to Become One of the Most Highly Valued and Highly Paid People in Your Industry, Author: Kevin Harrington
Title: How To Be F*cking Awesome, Author: Dan Meredith
Title: A Woman's Guide To Forgiving Infidelity - How To Save Your Self-Esteem And Restore Trust, Author: Christina Young
Title: The Darkness Beneath, Author: Keri Beevis
Title: English to English - The A to Z of British-American Translations, Author: Suzan St Maur
Title: Persuasive Writing for Business: How to Write Proposals, Letters, Emails and Other Business Communications to Influence, Impress and Persuade, Author: Patrick Forsyth
Title: Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting The Response You Want, Author: Rintu Basu
Title: 24 Assets: Create a digital, scalable, valuable and fun business that will thrive in a fast changing world, Author: Daniel Priestley
Title: Game Changer - How to take control and increase your confidence, personal power and business success, Author: Linda Everett
Title: The Fashion Switch: The New Rules of the Fashion Business, Author: Joanne Yulan Jong
Title: Achieve Your Business Vision: The essential guide for ambitious entrepreneurs, Author: Alan Davidson
Title: How to Write Fiction Without the Fuss, Author: Lucy McCarraher
Title: Kendo, Inherited Wisdom and Personal Reflections, Author: Geoff Salmon
Title: Dead Letter Day, Author: Keri Beevis

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