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Title: Democratic Orators from JFK to Barack Obama, Author: Andrew S. Crines
Title: Conflict, Co-operation and the Rhetoric of Coalition Government, Author: Judi Atkins
Title: Parliamentary Thinking: Procedure, Rhetoric and Time, Author: Kari Palonen
Title: Rhetoric in Neoliberalism, Author: Kim Hong Nguyen
Title: Speechwriting in Theory and Practice, Author: Jens E. Kjeldsen
Title: Rhetorical Audience Studies and Reception of Rhetoric: Exploring Audiences Empirically, Author: Jens E. Kjeldsen
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Title: Political Theory between Philosophy and Rhetoric: Politics as Transcendence and Contingency, Author: Giuseppe Ballacci
Title: On the Uses and Abuses of Political Apologies, Author: Mihaela Mihai
Title: Presidential Healthcare Reform Rhetoric: Continuity, Change & Contested Values from Truman to Obama, Author: Noam Schimmel
Title: Voices of the UK Left: Rhetoric, Ideology and the Performance of Politics, Author: Judi Atkins
Title: Rhetoric and the Global Turn in Higher Education, Author: Christopher Minnix
Title: Debates, Rhetoric and Political Action: Practices of Textual Interpretation and Analysis, Author: Claudia Wiesner
Title: The Reinvention of Populist Rhetoric in The Digital Age: Insiders & Outsiders in Democratic Politics, Author: Mark Rolfe
Title: Violent Subjects and Rhetorical Cartography in the Age of the Terror Wars, Author: Heather Ashley Hayes
Title: Restorative Justice, Humanitarian Rhetorics, and Public Memories of Colonial Camp Cultures, Author: Marouf Hasian
Title: The Political Rhetoric and Oratory of Margaret Thatcher, Author: Andrew S. Crines
Title: Rhetoric in British Politics and Society, Author: J. Atkins
Title: Republican Orators from Eisenhower to Trump, Author: Andrew S. Crines
Title: Writing Neoliberal Values: Rhetorical Connectivities and Globalized Capitalism, Author: Rachel C. Riedner