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Title: Toliver's Secret, Author: Esther Wood Brady Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Thank You, Jackie Robinson, Author: Barbara Cohen
Title: The Perilous Gard, Author: Richard J. Cuffari
Title: The Magic Moth, Author: Virginia L. Meyer
Title: John Charles Frémont: The Last American Explorer, Author: Ronald Syme
Title: The Cartoonist, Author: Betsy Byars
Title: Two That Were Touched, Author: Robert Burch
Title: The Perilous Gard, Author: Elizabeth Marie Pope
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Title: Winged Colt of Casa Mia, Author: Betsy Byars
Title: How Babies Are Born: The Story of Birth for Children, Author: Bruce E. Hodges
Title: My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel, Author: Peggy Mann
Title: Teetoncey, Author: Theodore Taylor
Title: Mary's Monster, Author: Ruth Van Ness Blair
Title: Ride the Crooked Wind, Author: Dale Fife
Title: Balder and the Mistletoe: A Story for the Winter Holidays, Author: Edna Barth
Title: The Heritage Sampler, Author: Cheryl Hoople
Title: Mr. Charley's Chopsticks, Author: Doris P. Evans
Title: Hot and Cold and in Between, Author: Robert Froman
Title: Hunter's Stew and Hangtown Fry: What Pioneer America Ate and Why, Author: Lila Perl
Title: In Search of a Sandhill Crane, Author: Keith Robertson

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