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Title: National Geographic: Cyclone!
Title: Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the U.S. Army, 1946-1976, Author: Richard Wells Smith
Title: Being Human, Series 1 & 2, Artist: Richard Wells
Title: Wells' Supportive Therapies in Health Care, Author: Richard Wells
Title: A Learner's Paradise: How New Zealand is Reimagining Education, Author: Richard Wells
Title: Aaron's Bud, Author: Richard Wells
Title: The Crystal Cherubim, Author: Richard Wells
Title: Planned Short Term Treatment, Author: Richard Wells
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Title: Inspired Preaching, Author: C. Richard Wells
Title: Sigmund Freud and Art: His Personal Collection of Antiquities, Author: Peter Gay
Title: The Court of Private Land Claims: The Adjudication of Spanish and Mexican Land Grant Titles, 1891-1904, Author: Richard Wells Bradfute