Title: A House Divided, Author: Nicole Ciacchella
1 in Series
Title: Contributor (Contributor Trilogy, book 1), Author: Nicole Ciacchella
Title: Committed, The Complete Series, Author: Nicole Ciacchella
Title: Lovesick, Author: Nicole Ciacchella
1 in Series
Title: Creators (a prequel novella to the Contributor trilogy), Author: Nicole Ciacchella
Title: Help Me (Seduced by Danger, #1), Author: Clara Bayard
Title: Catalyst, Author: Nicole Ciacchella
2 in Series
Title: Reckoning, Author: Nicole Ciacchella
5 in Series
Title: Web of Deceit, Author: Nicole Ciacchella
4 in Series
Title: Court of Illusion, Author: Nicole Ciacchella
3 in Series
Title: Rocked in Pieces, Author: Clara Bayard
10 in Series
Title: Take Me, Author: Clara Bayard
3 in Series
Title: Save Me, Author: Clara Bayard
5 in Series
Title: Make Me, Author: Clara Bayard
4 in Series
Title: The Forgotten Kingdom, Author: Nicole Ciacchella
1 in Series
Title: Rocked Forever, Author: Clara Bayard
12 in Series
Title: Rocked Down & Out, Author: Clara Bayard
11 in Series
Title: Lost Weekend: A Rocked Short Story (BBW New Adult Rock Star Romance), Author: Clara Bayard
Title: Infiltrator (Contributor, book 2), Author: Nicole Ciacchella
Title: Instigator (Contributor Trilogy, book 3), Author: Nicole Ciacchella

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