Title: Izzy in El Mareo, Author: Danielle Ledezma
Title: American Daughter: A Memoir of Intergenerational Trauma, a Mother's Dark Secrets, and a Daughter's Quest for Redemption, Author: Stephanie Thornton Plymale
Title: The Forger's Forgery, Author: Clay G. Small
Title: Crude Ambition: A Novel, Author: Patricia Hunt Holmes
Title: Where the Rivers Run North, Author: Sam Morton
Title: Salty Sky, Author: Seth Coker
Title: Blue Suede Shoes, Author: Deborah Reardon
Title: Strange Gods: A Novel About Faith, Murder, Sin and Redemption, Author: John F. Myslinski
Title: A Hundred Silent Ways: A Novel, Author: Mari Jojie
Title: 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great, Author: Terri L. Orbuch PH.D.
Title: The Big Ordeal: Understanding and Managing the Psychological Turmoil of Cancer, Author: Cynthia Hayes
Title: Come Winter: A Novel, Author: Clare Gutierrez
Title: A Matter of Scale: Untangling the Titanic Challenge of Humanity's Clean Energy Future, Author: Preston Charles Urka
Title: The Perfect 10: A Palm Beach Murder Mystery, Author: Eric O'Keefe
Title: Jilliand, Author: Clare Gutierrez
Title: Searching for Pilar, Author: Patricia Hunt Holmes
Title: Tangled Roots, Author: Marcia Kemp Sterling
Title: Get There Now: Transform Yourself and the World Through Laughter, Listening, and the Power of Choice, Author: Susanne E. Conrad Pre-Order Now
Title: Barking At the Moon: A Story of Life, Love, and Kibble, Author: Tracy Beckerman
Title: Unraveled: A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption, Author: Laura Cook Boldt

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