Title: Hitler's Escape Second Edition, Author: H. D. Baumann
Title: Colorful Journey, Author: Sue Anne Bottomley
Title: The Echoes of Babylon, Author: Michael Hastings
Title: RiverRun Lined Journal, Author: Tom Holbrook
Title: For to See the Elephant: A Novel in Verse, Author: Tammi J. Truax
Title: Becoming Alva, Author: John Muller
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Title: When I Die I'm Going to Heaven 'Cause I've Spent my Time in Hell: A memoir of my year as an Army Nurse in Vietnam, Author: Barbara Kautz
Title: Pep Talks for the Would-Be, Should-Be Artist, Author: Sue Anne Bottomley
Title: Kindling, Author: David Cappella
Title: The Burnt Sunset, Author: Chris Ledoux
Title: Jake: An American Original. Volume I. The Life of the Legendary Biker, Bodybuilder, and Hell's Angel, Author: Cliff Gallant
Title: Friendly Fires: Volume I, Author: Robert Pringle
Title: Friendly Fires: Volume II, Author: Robert Pringle
Title: Jake: An American Original: Volume II, Author: Cliff Gallant
Title: Live Free or Die, Author: Jessie Crockett
Title: As If Women Mattered, Author: Virginia DeLuca
Title: Portsmouth Typewriter Journal, Author: River Run Select
Title: Among the Isles of Shoals, Author: Celia Thaxter
Title: A Week Sketching in the Galapagos, Author: Sue Anne Bottomley
Title: The Destroying Angel, Author: Shirley Turner

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